Classroom Big Book

The aim of this big book is to educate the children in the classroom about Asperger’s syndrome.

The specific goals for the children are to:
  •   Understand what Asperger’s Syndrome means and how it affects them
  •   Accept and then celebrate differences in each other
  •   Be a friend and support the child with Asperger’s.

The big book’s illustrations are basic so as not to detract from key messages. Various Asperger’s behaviours are explained, such as: invading space, hand flapping, sticking to the rules, being impatient, self harm (head banging, biting), disruptive behaviour and more.    There are attachable cards for each behaviour that suggest ways that class mates can help their friend with Asperger’s. Cards can be stuck onto the page with the behaviour to reinforce concepts.

The big book can be personalised for each child with Asperger’s and there are instructions included on how to do this as not all children have the same behaviours. Parents, along with teacher’s, can pull out the pages from the big book that do not apply and leave the ones that do.

An activity to explain the five senses is also included in the book with cardboard sunglasses provided. The aim is for children to see the world through Asperger’s eyes once they put the sunglasses on. Again, instructions are provided for this activity.

There are pages dedicated to highlighting the things that the child with Asperger’s is good at. It is a wonderful opportunity for class mates to think about all the fantastic traits of their friend.

Since this book has been written to help the child with Asperger’s be understood, accepted and celebrated by peers, disclosure of the diagnosis is required. The comprehensive guide that accompanies the big book provides information for parents on a suggested method for disclosure. The guide includes checklists to help make the disclosure process a success, along with examples of letters that can be personalised and sent to the parents of class mates.

The guide also provides tips and hints for teachers and parents to help the child with Asperger’s be “school ready”. 

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Other information on the big book and guide:
Author: Amanda Curtis
ISBN: 978-0-9871635-0-9
Format: A3 Insert binder folder constructed from durable PVC, allows personalisation of the book for the child with Aspergerʼs in the classroom.
First published: 2012
Number of pages: 32
Language: English
Dimensions: 17.5” L x 14” W x 1.8” D (or 35.5cm W x 44.5cm L  x 4.5cm D)
Weight: Approx. 6.5 pounds (or approx. 3kg)
Other: Included with the big book is an A4 sized, spiral bound Guide on why, how and when to use the big book in classrooms. Also included is a class pack of 30 cardboard sunglasses for a “Five Senses” activity. The book is designed so that it can be reused year after year for newly enrolled children with Aspergerʼs Syndrome. There is a male version and a separate female version available (each sold separately).

Once you receive the big book, you will see how it can be personalised for each child with Asperger’s. There are pages explaining every behaviour associated with Asperger’s. Simply pull out the pages that do not belong to your child and leave in the pages that do.

“I believe that a lack of understanding is the blame for a lot of bullying and excluding in schools. Let’s help these special little people by educating their peers so that children with Asperger’s can be understood, accepted and most important of all - celebrated!”

Amanda Curtis, author of “My friend has Asperger’s”